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What is Pewter?

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, traditionally between 85% and 99% tin, with the remainder commonly consisting of copper, antimony and lead. Our pewter is 96% tin with 2% antimony and 2% bismuth. Bismuth and antimony act as hardeners. Pewter has a low melting point, around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The word pewter is probably a variation of the word spelter, a non-scientific name for zinc.

Pewter has been used since the beginning of the Bronze Age in the Near East. By the 15th Century the Worshipful Company of Pewterers controlled pewter constituents in England. This company, by the 16th Century had 3 grades of pewter. The first known as fine metal and was used for flatware and consisted of tin with 1% copper. The second type was known as trifling metal or trifle and was used for holloware. lt was made up of fine metal with 4% lead. The third type, known as lay or ley metal, consisted of tin with 15% lead and used for items not in contact with food-or drink.

Modem pewter must contain 90% tin to be considered a pewter. Lead has been replaced by copper, antimony and bismuth.

Our Jewelry:

... with the exception of 3 designs, is all pewter. We cast the following-items: pony tail covers, bolo ties, earrings, necklaces, barrettes, bracelets, scarf and bandana slides and belt buckles. Earring backs and wires are surgical stainless steel. The necklace chains are rhodium plated steel. This means that it is highly unlikely for a women to be allergic to our jewelry.

All of our jewelry is hand polished and diamond cut for sparkle. The process we use is known as spin casting in which hard rubber molds are spun along a central axis to force air out of the liquid pewter and solidify it. We make over 400 separate pieces of jewelry, although the overwhelming favorite of our customers is our pony tail covers. 

We do not have a physical store but we do participate in many arts and crafts shows and rodeos in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. Join our mailing list on our front page to learn about where we will be!

We look forward to serving you!